Health Education Program

Women's Health Assistance Program

 Feb 4 - through June 2015                          Funded by the Weyerheauser Family Foundation.

This series of workshops began with awareness and prevention of sexual violence and domestic abuse - involving both women and men.  The series concludes with a 5-day Training of Trainers to continue community engagement in preventing and treating the effects of sexual and gender-based violence.

 The second component is a series of 8 workhops on Reproductive Health including anatomy and common diseases, family planning, cancer and HIV screening and counseling, substance abuse prevention and treatment and a four-day Training of Trainers to assist members of the community with health issues on an ongoing basis.


Managing Depression

Reverenc Peter Thuo conducted weekly sessions from August through December 2015 on managing depression. He also provided individual counseling sessions. This was one of BWC's most popular programs and drew an average of 70 women each week.


Eye Clinic

Baraka Center provided an eye clinic in November to identify and assist 161 women in need of glasses and/or medication for eye conditions.  Services provided by the Kikiyu Eye Hospital


Disease Awareness and Prevention Workshops

TB and HIV/AIDS Awareness Workshops were conducted in May by MSF with 25 women attending. The MSF clinic in Mathare will also provide emergency care for women victims of sexual violence.


Stress and Depression Reduction Workshops

 A series of three workshops, conducted by Niamh Kromodimedjo, began October 29, 2013 and immediately became popular with the members. A series of 12 workshops began on Jan 22, 2014 and concluded at the end of May with an average of 60 women attending each session. The program was a major influence in creating positive approaches to problem solving among the members.
Week 1   Introduction
  • Explain the importance of questioning everything.
  • Talk about stress: what it is, how it is caused, what we can do to relieve or remove our stress in ANY situation.
  • Explain the 3 kinds of business and how always to come back to our own business.
  • Practice the questions in The Work of Byron Katie.
  • Form a "buddy group" with 3 other women to be your support throughout the program, explain the buddy system.
  • 5 minutes of meditation daily - starting at the first workshop and increasing the length of time.

Week 2 - Relationships - dealing with anger. Learning the "Judge-Your-Neighbour worksheet" (JYNW) to judge the other person and identify and question the stressful thoughts about the other person.

Week 3 - Relationships continued. Learning how to make amends. Practicing literal listening.

Week 4 - Dealing with worry about another person. Setting limits, coming back to our own business. Learning how to say an honest 'no'.

Week 5 - Seeking approval - What it costs us when we seek it from others and learning how to live out of our true nature instead without approval seeking. Accepting criticism, how to benefit from it without getting stressed about it.

Week 6 - Money - working our stressful thoughts around money.

Week 7 - Men - questioning stressful thoughts about them.

Week 8 - Letting go - how can we accept our reality and trust in it. Being with our emotions, allowing the negative ones to have their life too.

Week 9 -  Fear - what are you afraid of? Identifying the thoughts and working through them.

Week 10 - Focus on self, stressful thoughts about self, about our bodies, dealing with shame.

Week 11 - Illness, death and dying; dealing with our stressful thoughts around it.

Week 12 - Summarizing the topics from the previous 11 weeks. Discussion and Q & A. Long meditation. Planning how to move forward and continue to support each other. Checking how the attendees can help others who were not present - guidelines for doing that. Setting a date to check back in with each other.


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