Unique Fashion Accessories from Baraka Creative Enterprises

Women crafting beaded jewelry at Baraka  Women's Center
Women crafting beaded jewelry at Baraka Women's Center

 WCI supports the efforts of Baraka Women's Center to produce and market their unique fashion accessories handmade by members of the Center.  The business is Baraka Creative Enterprises (BCE)

Currently, we have a limited number of items on hand.


Donors to our holiday fundraising campaign

For donations of $150 or more, you have your choice of one of the twelve items pictured below.  These are available on a 'first-come' basis, and will be removed when claimed by a confirmed donation.

These are wonderful holiday gifts!


Please click the product code beneath your choice.  Send the product code and your mailing address to the linked email.   (Susan@WomensCentersIntl.org).  Your gift will be mailed within 3-5 days.


Sky-blue bracelet with black and amber designs, with two snaps.


Stunning on your wrist!


Cloud-white bracelet with coffee and bronze designs, with two snaps.


21-inch beaded necklace in cobalt blue and gold.


22-inch necklace in purple with a puff of beads at the center


21-inch necklace 1.5 inches wide in turquoise and bronze


19-inch round formed necklace in black with designs










19-inch round formed necklace in multi-color beads



19-inch round formed necklace in turquoise with designs


9-inch diameter, 2.5-inch deep cherry red basket with beaded rim


8" diameter 2.5-inch deep snow-white basket with beaded rim


3-piece set of baskets:

 4-inch diameter / 1-inch deep;   5.5 inch diameter/ 1.5 inches deep;   

7.5 inch diameter / 2 inches deep;

in vibrant purple with beaded rims


Clutch purse in bright purple with matching design flap and zipper closure