Management Team

Susan Burgess-Lent

Executive Director



Ms. Burgess-Lent began her career in humanitarian relief and development in 1994 and has worked extensively in East Africa. She is the former Program Director of Darfur Peace and Development Organization (DPDO), responsible for the funding and operation of Kassab Women’s Center, the model on which WCI's work is based.


She previously served as a consultant to the African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation (AIF), InterAction, CEPDA, and on staff  at the American Red Cross International Services. 

She also worked for many years in television news.


Susan is a published author, and has presented speeches to many professional, academic, religious, and civil society organizations about the impact of war and poverty on women and solutions that can be implemented for their benefit.


Alison Mata

Program Director


Ms. Mata worked for seven years in commercial property management in the San Francisco Bay Area before she joined the WCI staff.  

Since the opening of the Oakland Women's Center, she has served as Program Manager, consistently engaging talented trainers and consultants that help meet the needs of the Center''s members.


She served as  co-lead of the 2017 Women's March in Oakland and received special acknowledgement from the Equal Rights Advocates for her leadership.


Alison graduated from St Mary's College (California) with a BA in International Area Studies.