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7 Incredible Facts about Women-Owned Businesses


The Women’s March that took place a day after Trump’s inauguration shook the whole world and has become a proof of just how powerful women today are. The truth is that women have shown power in so many ways. Their dominance in the field of business is a proof of it.

Back then, only men dominated this field. Women were left on the sidelines. Today, women are not just mere employees of companies, but are business owners themselves. They have proven that they can do whatever it is that men do.

Though the battle towards equality is still a long way to go, the progress that has been made in terms of the role of women in business is a positive change. This is just the beginning of the many more achievements that women will have in the society. Those who adhere to a more patriarchal structure in the society might try to roll this back, but they will definitely fail.

Women’s marches are a good way to celebrate women power, but you definitely need to know a lot more about what concrete actions women have done to make an impact in the society. If you want to know the details about the businesses owned by women, we have summarized the information for you through an infographic above.

This will surely help change your view about women’s role in the society and how far we’ve come in acknowledging a woman’s strength and her potentials.   





Jul 25, 2016
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In Nairobi

Sep 22, 2014
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Transition time

Jun 29, 2014
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Letters from Baraka Center members



Truely [sic] if you think lyf [sic] is full of happiness, I disagree with you because they say to know the value of something, ask one who has lost one. Being a women who has passed a lot of challenges in lyf, I thought I had lost hope....My life has not been smooth having four kids. I have to struggle to meet there [sic] needs. Most of the time they had to stay home for school fees until when I found some. Their father was a careless person...I had to go each morning to find job from people houses to wash their clothes and after getting paid 150 shillings ($1.75), I had to buy food and if not the man could start beating me and asking me where the money I had has gone.

Beating was my everyday meal if I just asked about money to cater for his chldren. My kid's uniforms were filled with patches...

I found Baraka Women Center which helped me to know that with hope, faith and believing in yourself, women can do what men can do and even more extra.




Stiffin [Center Manager] he has done a lot for us without any difficulties. Whoever of us goes to him with any problem, she was [sic] been helped

We started learning about business skills... I used to run a business and instead of growing up, its fall down. Now I can do something better.



I would request the Baraka Women Center management and the Women Centers International to continue with the same Trainers and the manager so that we will not get lost on the way before we finish our trainings.

After all this trainings, I would be happy to see that every woman from Baraka Women Center has achieved her dream

Susan Burgess-Lent navigating the sewage-slippery entrance to Kariua slum

November 22, 2012    by Susan Burgess-Lent

Something amazing is happening in the Kariua neighborhood. A quickening of the pace, smiles in the eyes. I see it in the photos taken and sent by our amazing manager, Stiffin Ndungu. The women have gown excited, expectant of the training to come. They've massed in overflow crowds when meetings are held in Kariua.

They come every week and offer their ideas, form up their goals. They talk with each other and make new alliances, new friends.

I believe they're excited beyond belief to be taken seriously in their desire, their hunger, to work for a better life. We're witnessing the unleashing of genius.



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