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A 124-page spiral-bound book detailing everything you need to know about creating and managing a Women's Center.

Includes sections with template forms for data collection.



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PDF Version


You will receive a link to download the document when you complete your purchase


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WCI  supports the efforts of Baraka Women's Center to craft and market their unique fashion accessories

For items out of stock, please email with your request.  Your items will be backordered.  And it will be worth the wait!


Solidarity Bracelet


Wear your solidarity with Baraka Women. 

Plastic multi-faceted beads in an array of dazzling colors. Slightly elastic, with ball closure



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Tano Necklace


An elegant beaded necklace with five pendants. A dramatic fashion statement 

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Maasai Necklace


Traditional beaded necklace of seed beads, 19" circular, with hook closure. Magical designs and colors!



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