Women's Centers International – Advancing the Power of Women

 WCI develops safe resource centers that serve women affected by conflict and poverty.   

A Center responds to women’s needs with training and support in five core areas:

housing, education, livelihoods, health awareness, and protection from violence. 

A Center fosters women’s healing and growth, enabling them to become vital agents of sustainable peace and prosperity in their communities. 

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Susan Burgess Lent, Author - Making Humanitarian Aid Effective 

Here and There with Dave Marash

If you gave the world’s people a free association test on Darfur, probably the first word to come to mind for most of them would be “genocide.” But let the world’s political leaders in on the game of Darfur plus genocide, and chances are, for them, the next two words to pop out would be “so what?” When there’s gobs of money to be made or political leverage to be gained, a dozen years of militarized political oppression, at...


Success Stories from Baraka Women's Center

Mirriam Auma - My Story

I am advocating at the roof top for BWC to women who are vulnerable and young mothers like me to join the Center and they will get their bearing in life again. It’s a place where one gets lifted, not judged or discriminated and showered with love. The management just loves us and mentors us to become mentors to others. Instead of giving us fish to eat they always give us the skills of fishing for our selves. Long live BWC and I LOVE THE ORGANIZATION!    Read More...

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Baraka Women's Center

A Vibrant Hub of Skills Training for Women Building Businesses


Ram Building, Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya