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WCI's mission is to support the creation of safe gathering places for women in resource-poor environments.

Women’s Centers provide vocational and life skills training while fostering women's agency over their lives, promoting mental health and recovery from violence, and enhancing their capacity to build prosperity for themselves, their families, and communities.  

The Women's Centers Network

WCI is the 'mother hen' of the Network, assisting local organization to adapt the Women's Center Model to local culture and needs.  Key programs include literacy and vocational training for improved livelihoods. All Centers  develop trauma-informed psychological support initiatives. Their reach and transformative impact has grown exponentially in the past year.


KENYA – Baraka Women's Center, Nairobi

Eleven years in operation  with 3,275 registered  members, as well as a growing business enterprise, Baraka Mtido Fashion Accessories (BMFA) supported by a jewelry and dressmaking training center in Thika.


KENYA - Baraka 2, BWC's sister Center in Rumuruti, Laikipia County, for Maasai, Samburu, and Turkana women registered more than 800 members after opening in mid-2023 for training in Tailoring, Beadwork, Hairdressing and Beauty skills, and Computer Literacy.


KENYA - Women's Power Center in Northern Kenya (WPC) in Kakuma Refugee camp. Providing adult literacy classes and bakery skills training for refugee women; 216 women are registered as of June 2024. Additional livelihoods programs are planned.


UGANDADreams Destined Women Center, Mukono, serving young mothers. Continuing with the sewing and sweater-making training program for young mothers.


ZIMBABWE - HOPE Zimbabwe, Located in Sakubva, a slum in and serving 135 women and children. They are implementing a community health worker training program and more recently a community garden project to improve women’s access to nutritional food and increase their earning potential through crop cultivation. 


NIGERIA - The Support Nest Initiative (TSNI) with a focus on community mental health. WCI to provide technical support


We have suspended, possibly temporarily, our support of Centers in DR Congo and Syria.


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Recent News

 May 2024


Michel Edwards has been appointed Chairman of WCI's Board of Directors


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WCI is recruiting new Board Members to help guide the organization into its next level of network-building.  We're seeking professionals who have experience with and commitment to fundraising.  Victoria@WomensCentersIntl.org

Facilitating Mental Health for Economic Development

An Innovative Training Model from WCI in collaboration with Baraka Women's Center.


WCI has prepared a curriculum for a Mental Health Training Program. We are seeking dedicated funding to implement a pilot throughout the WC Network. 

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