Women's Centers International – Advancing the Power of Women

WCI improves the lives of women by providing safe gathering places full of the resources they've been denied..   

A Center fosters women’s healing and growth, enabling them to become vital agents 

of sustainable peace and prosperity in their communities. 


Stories from Baraka Women's Center

AMAZING PLACE Benefit Preview


Podcast Interview 

Susan Burgess Lent, Executive Director of WCI and Author of Trouble Ahead: Dangerous                                                                                  Missions with Desperate People

                                  Here and There with Dave Marash

Success Stories from Baraka Women's Center

Meeting with Mama Sarah Obama at her home

From left:  Peter Ndier, Founder of SOWO; Teresia Mwangi, Baraka Center Manager; Susan Burgess-Lent, Executive Director WCI; Mama Sarah Obama, Grandmother of Baraka Obama; and Paster Cyrus Njora, trainer at BWC

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