Women's Centers International – Advancing the Power of Women

 WCI develops safe resource centers that serve women affected by conflict and poverty.   

A Center responds to women’s needs with training and support in five core areas:

housing, education, livelihoods, health awareness, and protection from violence. 

A Center fosters women’s healing and growth, enabling them to become vital agents of sustainable peace and prosperity in their communities. 

Documentary to be Produced in June 2019

View the sample video below

Board Member Grant Williams is contributing funds to produce a documentary about the amazing women at work at Baraka Women's Center. The production will begin in mid-June 2019. 

The documentary, titled Baraka, will be shot by Dave Lent.  It's expected to be ready for the festival circuit and other broadcast distribution in early Fall 2019.

You can help support post-production and distribution costs.

Podcast Interview 

Susan Burgess Lent, Author  Trouble Ahead: Dangerous Missions with Desperate People

Here and There with Dave Marash

Success Stories from Baraka Women's Center

Jane Wangui Wanyoike


“Your story is your weapon, and be willing to share it to the world. I’m encouraging many young women and old women who are desperate and have lost hope to visit Baraka Women’s Center to gain back what they have lost in life.”

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Baraka Women's Center

A Vibrant Hub of Skills Training for Women Building Businesses


Ram Building, Ngara, Nairobi, Kenya