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Dear Seeker,


Currently no positions are open at WCI.  We expect to announce a new position later in 2017.  Please check back with us.

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation
The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation

Volunteer with WCI


Offer Your Time and Skills

If you'd like to work in any capacity with WCI, volunteering is a good way to open that door.. We're nurturing a growing network of committed women with unique skills that could benefit members at any Center. If you want to lend your spirit and your smarts, please CONTACT


Develop Public Awareness 

Share our link with your circle of friends and colleagues.


Host a Fundraiser

Develop  a fundraiser for WCI with your friends, at your school, church or other social group.  A lunch, a hike, a museum tour –whatever lights up your commitment to support the important work of advancing women's power.  

If you've never done it, we can help!