The Innovative Women's Center Model

How It Works


WCI's integrative model is an important innovation in services to women affected by conflict and poverty. A Center:

  • Offers safe haven and a community of support
  • Provides integrated access to key resources
  • Is developed to be a self-sustaining community asset managed by members
  • Provides jobs and business opportunities for women in the community

The Model is adaptable, scalable and, given the urgency of asserting and protecting women’s rights, long overdue for the widest possible implementation.

Why it Works


The Women's Center model is an important innovation in services to women because it integrates response to basic, interrelated needs. These include:


Safety: A place of refuge restores hope. Women living in violent environments need the respite of a safe haven to focus on new directions.


Access: Programs provide integrated access to resources. Women's primary needs - for safe housing, improved livelihoods, education, health, and protection from violence – are interrelated. 


Support:  A meeting place fosters mutual support. Women united in groups advance with more confidence and strength than isolated women.


Ownership: A place of belonging builds a sense of ownership. Members are mentored to manage their own Center within four years.