Shifting Equilibrium

Women’s Centers improve women’s lives by providing safe gathering places full of the resources they’ve been denied. A few thousand women in Kenya, Sudan, and Oakland, CA can tell you this works for them.


Our goal is equilibrium shift  – transforming the cultures that undermine justice and equality for women. We do this from the ground up: groups of women united through a Center.


You might have the impression that WCI is all about Baraka Center.  It is our biggest current effort, but  the Women’s Center Model means to go global.  Sixteen organizations on three continents have requested WCI’s assistance in creating Women’s Centers. Oakland Center can rise again.


Oh wait! That costs money!


A Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors study says: ”...organizations need robust, sustainable, predictable support, giving them... the stability it takes to drive change over the long term.”  For this small organization with a vast vision, it’s self-evident – but exceedingly tricky to arrange.


What if a group of you steps into the gap?  

200 activists contributing $25 each month.

A part of your giving-back effort, especially if you’re committed to advancing women’s power.

Small but consistent donations – like laser focus on a target – will move our work steadily forward.


Soon you can see how a Women’s Center transforms lives.  Join us for the Sneak Preview of episodes from AMAZING PLACE, a visit inside Baraka Women’s Center in Nairobi.

Food, drink, bling, and some fascinating new peeps for you to know.