Board of Directors

WCI is honored to receive the guidance of these accomplished and inspired individuals.

Michel Edwards

Board Chair


CEO of Bluu Kazi, Michel has pioneered a platform that not only facilitates connecting talented individuals with their ideal opportunities but also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and professional growth. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in transforming how companies across various industries approach hiring.


His deep understanding of the sector has fueled his passion for fostering environments where talent can flourish – particularly in underserved communities that lack access to digital, and material assets.


His commitment extends into impactful social contributions, particularly, working with At WCI, Michel uses his wealth of experience to address the unique challenges faced by women. He envisions co-creating and supporting initiatives, alongside the WCI board and community of volunteers, that provide immediate technical and financial support


Michel is also an avid traveler, technology enthusiast, and deeply engaged in the activities of his two children. He lives in New York City.

Anne Mwangi


Ms. Mwangi was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and later settled with her family in the United States, where she grew up and has lived most of her life.

As a registered nurse, she has worked with the Ambulatory Care Unit at California Pacific Medical Center, and the Electrophysiology Clinic at Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, San Francisco.Currently, she is a member of Unit Partnership Council, Cardiac Specialty Unit at Marin Health, Greenbrae, CA.

She has campaigned for health care reform in the state of California through California Nurses Association (CNA) where she trained and served as a nurse advocate.For her, fundamental issues have constantly resonated:  the need for safety, security, education and health.  They’ve translated into a burning will to help promote better opportunities for others.

Mary Ellen Kramer

Vice Chair


Ms Kramer serves as Treasurer of Network Support Services, a non-profit organization providing therapeutic community services to hundreds of justice involved men and women.


Mary Ellen is a serial technology entrepreneur and business consultant and presently serves as CEO of NightRide Thermal, a company delivering vehicle-mounted thermal cameras to ensure the safety of drivers in nighttime and poor visibility conditions.


Mary Ellen has led programs in which hundreds of men and women participated with the goal of developing their leadership in communities that are important to them.   Her dedication to people experiencing dramatic breakthroughs in leadership has resulted in transforming organizations, building inspiring teams, attracting strategic partnerships and investment, and producing unimaginable results with velocity. '


In addition to her board service for WCI, Mary Ellen presently serves as a board member of Omni Ensemble, a nonprofit chamber music ensemble; and is a member of the advisory board of Project Inkblot, a DEI media agency.  


Grant Williams

Board Member Emeritus


Mr. Williams  founded the non-profit organization, The Edge, in 2008 to assist young people in building bridges of mutual understanding.

He served in the U.S. Air Force then pursued a career as a professional choreographer, dancer and teacher in Los Angeles.

He was initiated into the Mankind Project in 1999 and is a certified I-Group Leader. He became active in Boys to Men in 2002 and took the program to South Africa in 2007. He has supported community service projects in Africa including the construction of a clinic in southern Sudan and a school in northern Uganda. He is also supporting the expansion of an orphanage in Haiti.