Board of Directors

Grant Williams

Based in Ashland, OR

Mr. Williams  founded the non-profit organization, The Edge, in 2008 to assist young people in building bridges of mutual understanding..

He served in the U.S. Air Force then pursued a career as a professional choreographer, dancer and teacher in Los Angeles.

He was initiated into the Mankind Project in 1999 and is a certified I-Group Leader. He became active in Boys to Men in 2002 and took the program to South Africa in 2007. He has supported community service projects in Africa including the construction of a clinic in southern Sudan and a school in northern Uganda. He is also supporting the expansion of an orphanage in Haiti. 


Bojana Bozic

Board Secretary

Based in San Francisco, CA

Susan Burgess-Lent

Founder and Executive Director 

Women's Centers International


Ex Officio Board Member

Jenny Sowry

Board Chairwoman

Based in San Rafael, CA

An experienced Executive Director in the International Development arena, Jenny motivates and inspires teams and creates a collective vision to launch programs toward measurable success. As a M.A.  of Intercultural Relations, 2015, Jenny is capable of bridging the gap across cultures and mitigating conflict with ease while promoting social justice bringing forth ambitious change to people's lives. Jenny’s North Star is to lift people from poverty and empower them to bring change to their communities.

An innovative organizational developer spearheading projects from plan to implementation, Jenny has proven success establishing programs for women’s groups in Bosnia with the U.S. State Department, with African social workers, Ugandan Human Rights leaders, foreign business leaders and youth in the non-profit sector both domestically and abroad.  Jenny has traveled to over 36 countries, lived abroad in a post-war-zone, and is most comfortable in unknown places.