About Women's Centers

WCI has established two Women's Centers, one in Kenya and one in the U.S.  We envision a global network, with Centers in both urban and rural locations, developed and operated in partnership with existing community-based organizations.

WCI provides financial, administrative, and program support to each new Center for a period of three to four years. During that time, the Center staff prepares for transition to sustainable self-management.

Each Center may remain an affiliate of WCI; our goal is to connect all Centers for resource exchange and for activism to promote women's rights and priorities globally.

Each Center maintains its own website where you can learn about their activities and contact them directly.

Baraka Women's Center opened in October 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.  It continues to provide a variety of services to Nairobi's undervalued women.


Oakland Women's Center opened in May 2015 in  West Oakland, CA    USA

The Center closed on April 6, 2018 after three years of solid achievements for the members.

Funding did not keep pace with needs.  A sense of ownership required to continue was not to be found.