What We Do

Who We Serve 

WCI creates and develops safe community centers where women can access resources often denied them due to class, cultural identity, and gender.

A Center is a channel for redistributing the wealth of communities to the women who most need it.

That wealth arrives in the form of professionals willing to share their knowledge and skills, as well as donations of money, equipment, and materials that benefit the Center members.

The goal of this wealth redistribution is to build the capacity of women to heal, to learn new skills, to accumulate knowledge, and to have the ongoing support of each other to achieve the prosperous, contributory lives they want.

A Center's programs focus on five core needs:

  • Education – literacy or continuing
  • Livelihood – jobs or business ventures
  • Health – education and access to services
  • Housing – access to safe affordable homes
  • Protection - from domestic violence and sexual abuse

The location and social context of a Center determines how programs are delivered.  In all cases, we honor the interrelationship of needs by ensuring every woman can access all the services a Center offers.

WCI believes women are the most effective societal change makers.  Our world cannot afford to let any woman's talent languish for lack of resources.

Our Centers are 'base camps' for the ascendance of women's priorities and power, our best hope for the peaceful, prosperous world we wish to inhabit.

 Women's Centers International serves any woman struggling  with the burdens of systemic discrimination or enduring poverty produced by protracted civil conflict. 


In many countries, these circumstances converge; women bear the brunt of diminished resources.



Membership is free to any woman who registers.  It entitles her to receive all services and to participate in all programs, workshops, and events the Center offers.