Lift the Centers Higher!   The Transition Campaign



WCI has met with several organizations whose missions, passion and infrastructure would expand the impact of the Centers. We have chosen to transfer the administration of the two Baraka Centers to The Giving Exchange (TGE) based in Walnut Creek, California USA.


TGE has agreed to kick start this transition with a campaign to match any funds raised through WCI donors. 



Together, we aim to raise a total of $40,000, which will provide the necessary funding to run the Centers well through the end of this year. We anticipate a successful handover to TGE by early September.


Baraka Center – Nairobi


1,200+ registered members.

Training: Dressmaking, Salon Skills, Beadwork, Computers

Support:  Counseling and Health Awareness workshops.

Baraka2 – Rumuruti


400+ registered members;

Training: Beadwork and product sales, Computers,

Salon Skills,

Entrepreneur training, Health Awareness workshops.